TINGARD — seamless plastic cellar #1

TINGARD cellar
Manhole cover
Supply and exhaust ventilation
Built-in lighting
Seamless plastic body
Metal staircase
Weather station
Wooden shelves of 2-3 levels
Wooden flooring


Seamless, sealed

Seamless, sealed

TINGARD is manufactured using a special technology – the method of rotational molding. Due to this, the product does not have welding seams. The cellar is a one-piece construction and has absolute leakproofness.
Durable food grade plastic

Durable food grade plastic

We use durable and safe for the environment and human health food grade polyethylene (LLDPE) in the production process of TINGARD. The material has increased durability, hardness and impact resistance. Mold and fungus do not live on it and do not multiply.
Warranty 2 years

Warranty 2 years

Full confidence in TINGARD cellars allows us to provide a 5-year warranty. During the warranty period, the Buyer has the right to free repair of the product due to malfunctions resulting from manufacturing defects.
The service life is more than 100 years

The service life is more than 100 years

Highly durable food grade polyethylene and manufacturing technology makes the TINGARD cellar almost eternal, which will serve you and your grandchildren.
Comfortable temperature for food storage

Comfortable temperature for food storage

TINGARD is equipped with natural-type supply and exhaust ventilation. A well-thought-out system allows you to maintain the necessary humidity level and a comfortable temperature indoors all year round.
It is not subject to corrosion and external factors

It is not subject to corrosion and external factors

The plastic cellar of TINGARD does not form dampness and mold, it does not rot and does not rust. TINGARD is equipped with a built-in metal frame made of 13Mn6 steel DIN 17145 (09G2S GOST 19281-2014), which is 50% stronger than ordinary steel. This ensures the durability of the cellar, and allows it to withstand the pressure of heavy soils, as well as high groundwater.

Comparison of the TINGARD cellar with other cellars

Seamless plastic cellar

The TINGARD cellar is not subject to corrosion and does not require additional maintenance

Welded cellar

The walls of the cellar do not hold pressure due to the lack of a frame

Metal cellar

It needs constant monitoring for corrosion and leakproofness

Concrete cellar

It is a good breeding ground for fungal organisms

What’s included

  • Floor and shelves

    Floor and shelves

  • Ladder and metal frame

    Ladder and metal frame

  • Weather station and lighting lamp

    Weather station and lighting lamp

  • Hatch cover and handrail

    Hatch cover and handrail

  • Supply and exhaust ventilation

    Supply and exhaust ventilation

  • Mini Cargo Lift

    Mini Cargo Lift

Floor and shelves

Floor and shelves

The standard equipment of TINGARD includes a wooden floor and comfortable wooden shelves located around the perimeter of the cellar on three levels. The floor and the shelf system are made of dry coniferous wood, additionally treated with a special antiseptic to give an aesthetic appearance, as well as protection from the formation of fungus and mold.

The width of the shelves is 300 mm, which is optimal. On such shelves it is convenient to store three-liter cans in two rows and boxes with vegetables.

Depending on the model of the cellar, the shelves allow you to place:

TINGARD 1500 – 102 cans, 8 boxes
TINGARD 1900 – 203 cans, 20 boxes
TINGARD 1900-B – 203 cans, 20 boxes
TINGARD 2500 – 251 cans, 25 boxes
TINGARD 2500-B – 250 cans, 25 boxes
TINGARD 3000 – 300 cans, 30 boxes
TINGARD 3500 – 350 cans, 35 boxes

Mini Cargo Lift

Грузовой мини-подъёмник
  • Load capacity 150 kg
  • Two colors — black and yellow
  • Anti-slip strips
  • Made of galvanized metal
  • Covered with powder paint

Product line















Easy installation in 1 day

TINGARD installation

Characteristics of TINGARD cellars

1500 1900 2500 3000 3500 1900-B 2500-B
Dimensions l/w/h 150/150/250 cm 190/190/270 cm 240/190/270 cm 290/190/270 cm 340/190/270 cm 250/190/270 cm 300/190/270 cm
Entrance 67 х 86 cm 67 х 96 cm 67 х 96 cm 67 х 96 cm 67 х 96 cm 101.5 х 75.5 cm 101.5 х 75.5 cm
Wall thickness up to 15 mm up to 15 mm
Weight 430 kg 650 kg 740 kg 850 kg 950 kg 670 kg 760 kg
Leakproofness 100% 100%
Material Food grade polyethylene Food grade polyethylene
The service life is more than 100 years is more than 100 years

What’s included

  • Metal frame
  • Metal ladder
  • Manhole cover
  • Wooden flooring
  • Collar for the cellar neck
  • Exhaust ventilation
  • Supply ventilation
  • Weather station
  • Built-in LED lighting
  • Wooden shelves