The cellar «Tingard 1500»

The seamless plastic cellar Tingard

It doesn't expose to moisture and ground pressure, it has reliable and time-tested construction. In addition, you get a fully equipped cellar, it contains such parts as the hatch cover, the staircase, the metal frame, the wooden shelves, the flooring the lighting, the ventilation.

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1. The "Tingard" cellar is made out of high density and environmentally friendly food polyethylene (HDPE). The "Tingard" cellar lifetime is more than 100 years.

2. Cellar "Tingard" is equipped with the wooden shelves and flooring, the extract and input ventilation, LED lighting, staircase and entrance hatch. You should not care about additional equipment.

3. The Cellar "Tingard" is rotproof and rustproof. Also, it is not accessable to rodents.

4. The "Tingard" cellar will be delivered to you fully assembled.

5. The "Tingard" cellar does not require additional cement-and sand padding to be installed.

6. The "Tingard" cellar is made of by unique technology, therefore its price is 20-30% lower compared to the alternatives.

Technical features

External dimensions, h/w/l 1500/1500/2400 mm
Hatch dimensions, h/w/l 700/800/500 mm
Wall Thickness up to 15 mm
Weight 360 kg
Leakproof 100 %
Material HDPE
Lifetime over 100 years
Temperature inside the cellar in winter от +3°С до +8°

Description of product

Metal staircase (inclined)
Entrance hatch
Wooden flooring
Wooden shelves (2 levels)
Extract Ventilation
Input ventilation
In-built LED Lighting


-All over the Russian Federation

-Without prepayment