«Tingard» Water heating tank

«Tingard» Water heating tank

Having mounted the water tank on the sunny side you will provide yourself pretty fast with 870 litres of heated water absolutely for free. The material the water tank is made of has no own smell and doesn't let through the extraneous smells that preserves the natural properties of water.

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1. «Tingard» Water heating tank is made out of high density and environmetally-friendly food polyethylene (HDPE).

2. «Tingard» Water heating tank is manufactured with the use of rotary moulding technology that guarantees the long lifetine of the product.

3. No need in regular paint coating.

4. "Tiled roof"- like surface of water tank allows to utilize it as a part of house roof.

5. The water tank has reinforcing elements that help to prevent it from deformation.

Technical features

Dimensions h/w/l 2600/1800/185 mm
Wall Thickness 10 mm
Weight 60 kg
Capacity 870 l
Material HDPE
Lifetime over 50 years

Description of product

«Tingard» Water heating plastic tank