«Zagorodnyi» septic tank

«Zagorodnyi» septic tank

The septic device perfectly manages the the irregular work. For example, in the evening, when it has a high operational loading.

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1. The high level of sewage treatment - up to 90%.
2. The best shape for underground and hidden installation.
3. Leakproof and no risk of floating up in the long run.
4. Easy access to technological holes.
5. High reliability.
6. Reasonable price.

Technical features

Dimensions, h/w/l 1995/1305/2220 mm
Capacity 2400 l
Number of users 4-5 persons
Operational capacity, m3/day 0.88
Material HDPE
Lifetime over 50 years

Description of product

«Zagorodnyi» septic tank
Product specifications