«Flox» flowerpot

«Flox» flowerpot

First of all, the «Flox» flowerpots are characterized by an attractive and unusual form, elegant as well as classic shapes, stable and reliable design. Such product will be ideal for using both inside the house and outdoor.

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1. The «Flox» flowerpot has resistant to sunlight and rust paint coating.
2. The plastic case of «Flox» flowerpot is easy to clean.
3. Multipal configuration of an assembly.
4. Available in white colouring (for other colouring, please, contact the consultant).
5. Unique and elegant shapes.

Technical features

Dimensions, h/w 295/730 mm
Wall Thickness 10 mm
Weight 6 kg
Material HDPE
Lifetime over 50 years

«Flox» Flowerport white
«Flox» Flowerport white granite
«Flox» Flowerport sand granite
«Flox» Flowerport black
«Flox» Flowerport black granite

Description of product

«Flox» flowerport