The «Tingard» waste container

The «Tingard» waste container

It is the first stage in waste treatment and transportation. That is why one can’t do without it in his life – on own premises, near the neighboring house and, of course, at workplace.

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1. The weight of empty container is 25 kg, so you can move and carry it without any efforts.

2. The tight fitting cap does not allow unpleasant smells to go out. Moreover, the tight fitting cap prevents from penetration of the rodents and domestic animals.

3.The smooth inner surface is easily cleaned, and the cone shape makes the waste downloading faster.

4. Aesthetic look of the product allows using it in any necessary place.

Technical features

Dimensions, h/w/l 1000/600/900 mm
Wall Thickness 10 mm
Weight 25 кг
Size 540 l
Material HDPE
Lifetime over 50 years

Description of product

Plastic base
Plastic cap
Metal-based wheels
Handle for transportation