The case for water well

The case for water well

The reservoir with the capacity of 750 liters will save water for irrigation of your garden, by easy-to-use water release valve and pump. There is also an option to fill the reservoir with insulating material and get heated water well for any weather conditions.

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1. The leakproof water well is made out of high-density and environmentally-friendly food polyethylene (HDPE) that allows effectively resist the moisture and scorching sunrays.
2. The case for water well is made with the use of rotary moulding technology, seamless and completely leakproof.
3. It is made out of environmentally-friendly food polyethylene and is absolutely safe for human health.
4. The case for water well is easily transported and mounted. It fits the most types of concrete rings.
5. The case for water will be decorating your garden for many years.

Technical features

Dimensions h/w/l 1300/1300/760 mm
Wall Thickness 10 mm
Weight 60 kg
Material HDPE
Lifetime over 50 years

Description of product

Plastic base (water reservoir)
Plastic doors with handles
Pump fittings

Water tap