«Lotos» water well

It is more, than just a water well

The leak-proof case for water well is made out of high-density and environmentally-friendly food polyethylene (HDPE) that allows effectively resist the moisture and scorching sunrays. The well doesn't need to be additionaly painted and treated. Its lifetime is over 50 years.

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1. The reservoir with the capacity of 750 liters will save water for irrigation of your gardenand easy-to-use water release valve and available pump fixing will be found very helpful. There is also an option to fill the reservoir with insulating stuff and use the heat-insulated all weather water well.
2. The high-quality and modern materials are resistant to environmental impacts, Your water well will be looking as a new one throughout its lifetime.
3. The properly considered design and scrupulous working-out of details along with the wide range of colours will definitely impress you.
4. The case for water well is easily transported and mounted. It fits the most types of concrete rings.
5. The best combination of price and reliability & performance.

Technical features

External dimensions (including span roof), h/w/l 1700/1350/2800 mm
Wall Thickness 10 mm
Weight 130 kg
Leakproof 100 %
Material HDPE, metal, Onduline roofing
Lifetime over 50 years

Description of product

The case for the water well
The span roof for the water well